Glenn Hardaker has spent over 25 years as a professor, in universities across Europe and Asia, conducting research and development initiatives that demonstrates a sustained commitment to supporting inclusion, digital innovation, and learning. Glenn's personal motivations for research excellence is underpinned by a commitment to teaching and learning innovations that facilitates positive social change in business and society.
Glenn's recent appointment is at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology as Director of Teaching & Learning . He is also Editor of the international Scopus listed publication entitled International Journal Information & Learning Technology. 
Selected Publications​​​​​​​
2021. Gender differences in information and communication technology use & skills: a systematic review and meta-analysis (with A Qazi, N Hasan, O Abayomi-Alli, R Scherer, Y Sarker, SK Paul, JZ Maitama), Education and Information Technologies, pp. 1-34 (Impact Factor (ISI) = 2.953, Scopus SJR=Q1)
2021. Pedagogy of Life Beyond Happiness (with A. Sabki, L. Eliza). Journal for Multicultural Education,  Vol.15 No.1  (Scopus SJR=Q1).
2020. Evolution to Online Education around the globe during a SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus (COVID-19)  Pandemic: Do develop and underdeveloped cope alike? (with J. Qazi, K. Naseer, A. Qazi, H. Al-Salman, U. Naseem, S. Yang, A. Gumaei). Children and Youth Services Review, Vol.119.  (Impact Factor (ISI) = 1.521, Scopus SJR=Q1)
2020. Pedagogy of Life Beyond Extinction (with A. Sabki, L. Eliza). Journal for Multicultural Education, Vol. 14 No. 3/4, pp. 219-222. (Scopus SJR=Q1)
2020. Determinants of Readiness towards Self-Directed Learning among Hospital Nurses and  Midwives: Results from National Survey (with M R Venkatasalu, K Chakkaravarthy, N Ibrahim, M Mahmud, G Hardaker. Nurse Education in Practice. (Impact Factor (ISI) = 1.665, Scopus SJR=Q1)
2019. Memorisation and Learning (with AA Sabki). Journal for Multicultural Education, Vol. 13, No.4 (Scopus SJR=Q1).
2018. The Pedagogy of Islamic Education (with A A Sabki), pp.1-142. Emerald Publishing Books, United Kingdom.
2017. A systematic literature review on opinion types and sentiment analysis techniques: tasks and challenge (with A Qazi, R G Raj, S Craig). Internet Research, Vol. 27 No. 3, pp. 608-630. (Impact Factor (ISI)=4.947, Scopus SJR=Q1).
2017. Change Levers for Unifying Top-down and Bottom-up Approaches to the Adoption and Diffusion of e-Learning in Higher Education (with G Singh). Teaching in Higher Education, Vol.22, No. 6, pp. 736-748. (Impact Factor (ISI)=1.361, Scopus SJR=Q1).
2015. The impact of leadership orientation on strategic information system planning processes, with an application to Libyan organisations (with E. Osman and I. Elbeltagi). Information Technology for Development. Vol. 21, No.4, pp.1-27. (Impact Factor (ISI)=1.387, Scopus SJR=Q1)

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