Glenn Hardaker has continued to successfully fund raise to support university and faculty developments for both teaching and learning, research and enterprise. A funding led approach towards the development of new initiatives has provided a path from the late 1990’s onwards towards developing innovation led projects in tertiary education. The extensive range of funded projects provided a platform for delivering impact at a national, European and international level. In particular, Glenn has continued to seek collaborations related to educations reforms through digital innovations. Underpinning his initiatives is a consciousness of education for social change and the need for inclusive practices. This continues to guide his direction in the pursuit of international teaching and learning excellence within the higher education sector. He has continued to focus on these priority areas and this has led to further initiatives focused on digital innovations through lifelong learning that requires an understanding of tertiary education sector in the context of policy, governance through to equity.  
Glenn is currently Director of a new Center, Center for Teaching & Learning, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). The main focus of the new Centre is educational excellence focused on a wide range of priorities such as digital innovations, community education, and a research and development laboratory for innovation. The Center for Teaching & Learning is the first centre dedicated to educational excellence, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), and is an enabler for teaching and learning initiatives at a national and international level.     
Selected research & enterprise grants
2019-2021. E-Portfolios: its role in supporting lifelong learning and employability. 
Brunei Research Council. 
The research explores ePorfolios for lifelong learning that supports employability. The study explores the role of a personalised approach to learning that integrates micro-credentialing with employability.

2016-2019. Adaptive Portfolio for Personalised Learning:  e‐Portolios, pedagogy, learner analytics, predictive learning. 
Brunei Research Council. 
The international research is focused on the conceptualisation of student centred teaching through personalised learning to assist teachers and policy makers.

2014-2015. UBD Online Learning: Flexible and Open Learning Pilot Project. 
Brunei Research Council. 
The pilot study is intended to support the application for a Brunei Research Council proposal.  Being able to study online will support a more personalised approach to learning that blends  the campus, home and work as one.

2012-2013. Searching for Excellence in the Teaching & Learning of Islamic Studies (SETALIS). 
Higher Education Academy International Scholarship. 
The research investigation is to understand how leading Islamic education institutions are bridging Islamic traditions with the demands of international education.

2007-2008. National Teaching Fellowship Award
Higher Education Academy Grant. 
Informal and formal Learning, multicultural education, learning styles and digital equity

2005-2008. eLearn2Work Sub-Project (Style Differences and Social Inclusion)
EQUAL funded. Value: 
The sub-project within e-learn2work was focused on learning styles and the implications to personalised training in the workplace. The main focus was research into support for learning styles and the implications to social inclusion and to identify ways to support disadvantaged small to micro firms.

2004-2006. Multicultural Diagnostic Information Profiler
Minerva funded. 
The project was to develop a multicultural diagnostics tool kit (MC-DIP) to support the development of culturally sensitive Learner Management System’s (LMS). This was based on a need to directly support multicultural education provision through e-learning. The project was researching e-learning behaviour in ethnic minority groups and the development of a multicultural diagnostic tool kit (MC-DIP) that enabled the development of cultural sensitive content design and learning design.

2004-2006. BioMetrics
Leonardo funded. 
The project was focused on standards development for e-learning authentication and assessment. The essential requirements were to: minimise the possibility of learning fraud, enable the use of secure continuous assessment procedures, provide flexible electronic solution by utilising electronic authentication to support e-learning. This technology will be used to ensure secure and robust systems for the identification of the learner. 

2002-2004. Innovation Portal
European Social Fund. 
The project offered creative industry businesses personalised access to creativity diagnostic tools via an innovation portal.

2001-2005. Higher Level Skills Initiative (HLSI)
Yorkshire Forward (RDA) funded. 
Development of a central repository of on-line learning materials. The delivery of a regional learning hub for the manufacturing and engineering sector. Development and delivery of learning materials. 

2002-2003. Sandwell Learning Plus Adaptive User Interface Design. 
Structural Regeneration Budget (SRB) funded. 
A community based initiative focused on e-learning for social change. The project in the first instance was focused on e-learning to support widening access and engagement in formal and informal learning. This was focused in the first instance on multicultural learner profiling and identity management.

2001-2004. Supply Chain Management in the Music Industry on the Internet.
Leonardo Programme, Pilot Project. Value: 
The project was a research and development funded initiative into Internet based learning tools for creative industry sectors. The European project researched the changing nature of virtual supplier networks for a specific information-intensive market sector. 

1998–2000. Multimedia for Innovation.
European Social Fund (ADAPT) funded. 
The project focused on both content and process innovation for work based learning courses on the Internet.  The project included research, software development and training for business.

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